3D Scanning

There is almost no limit to the objects we are able to scan, so if you are in need of help, bring us your objects for a free quote and get it scanned!

Commercial 3D Scanning

-- Art

-- Architecture

-- Computer aid eel manufacturing

Consumer 3D Scanning

-- People

-- Events

-- Hobbies

3D Printing

3D printing is a technology that allows users to turn any digital file into a three dimensional physical product. It is currently employed in many professions such as architects, medical, education, industries.

It can be used for making little models like the buttons, yet it can also print manufacturing prototypes like automobile parts, aircraft engine parts and even body parts of human beings.
You can print it in plastic, nylon, metal, sand, etc. we print your models on demand and give you the best print quality.

3D Photo Studio

Hello future. Have you ever imagined a lifelike miniature version of yourself?

3D-printed true-to-life photo figurines

Through state-of-the art body scanning and 3D colour printing technology, we've made it possible to create stunningly detailed figurines that you can hold in your hands and observe from any angle. In other words: custom-made mini twins.

Portraits from the future

3D photo figurines are a revolutionary way of freezing a moment in your life. Whether it's a family portrait, a proud mother and her newborn baby, or an entire gentlemen's club.

Bring your dog or your cat

Your furry little friend with at least four legs. If they belong to the family, you are welcome to bring them all.

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3D Hobby Club

If you are prepared to build awesome models, come to join our club.

in our club, you can turn your ideas into reality. you can build accessories, gadgets, buttons, jewelry, miniatures, figures, home decor and other creations.

Here, you can learn how to use software to design and build 3D models. We promise it's easy and fun, let's get it started!.

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VR Sim Training

Our group is devoted to the study and uses of virtual reality(VR) simulation technology for medical purposes.

We specialize in using VR technology for obstetrics and gynecology. VR simulation systems we research and develop in obstetrics and gynecology are aimed at the training in basic and advanced surgical skills for both medical students and residents.

Training via simulation system is highly effective, efficient and more safe.

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VR Architecture Walkthrough

Our group provides interactive solution to architecture firms. Through our interactive solution, your property will be shown whether it is interior or exterior.

We offer many options to best suit your projects including virtual reality walkthrough, interactive online walkthrough and 360° video walkthrough.

You will have a fully immersive walkthrough experience.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering using 3D scan data is the most efficient way to generate a CAD model from a physical object that has any kind of complex or freeform shape. While using traditional measurement techniques such as calipers to reverse engineer these complex surfaces can be difficult or even impossible, 3D laser scanning shines - literally! Although this scan data can easily be turned into a model representing its as-built shape, we specialize in creating models that match original as-designed features.